Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Croc hugging...

Love this picture. It's a man in Costa Rica who's become best friends with a half-tonne croc and is on hugging terms!

Apparently he came across the croc 20 years ago, injured with a gunshot wound. He nursed the croc back to health and now they're best mates.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Paul Dempsey in the Studio

Paul Dempsey came into the studio the other day. (***NEWS FLASH: I'm working as an 'acting' radio producer for the ABC).

Anyways, he was 6.5ft and a little on the quiet side.

But he was great on air and had a nice chat to the presenter Steve about why he picked Brissy of all places to launch his album (he's originally from Melbourne.. actually still is).

Plus he talked about what it was like to write, what his band thought of his solo shift forward etc.
I went along to the album launch a couple of hours later, quite a crowd of skinny young things looking appropriately soul searching... but he was GREAT live.. loved nearly all of the songs.

Like everyone I think Romona was a Waitress has to be my fav... have a listen below.