Thursday, April 30, 2009

They can't just get any old freak to be a vampire... Deinspiration Item #41

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "I wasn't that keen on Edward Cullen biting my neck, but HIM??? They can't just get any old freak..." (my sister).

Vampire obsession might be a global phenomonen but THIS is a step too far.

Tonight I guiltly got my dose of RNB by watching Israel's latest song Freak Tonight on youtube (ignore this embarassing fact please and move on to the real goss of this story)...


What is the world coming to if a perfectly respectable RNB toughman has to resort to fake fang teeth and neck biting scenes in order to hit the music charts??

Plus why is he sporting a mohawk which looks like a stoat's tail on the top of his head? Not attractive.

And while we're on the note of RNB selling out... could the lyrics of Soulja Boy's latest song be anyworse?

"Baby, kiss me through the phone"

"dadadadadadadada we're on the phone like dadadadadadada we're taking pics like dadadadada she dial my number like dadadadada"

Have a listen:

Deinspiration Item #41

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Olivia Bee... Inspiration Item #40

You're looking at Olivia Bee.

She's the 15-year-old elf child who is not only the subject of this magical shot, but also the photographer (ahhh the blessings of the modern camera).

I think I'm going to post an extra long post on her magical shutter work shortly, but here's the link to her flickr portfolio for the moment:

Inspiration Item#40

Bertie Blackman... Inspiration Item #39

Nothing is beating the beauty of Sky is falling by Sydney based singer, Bertie Blackman.

I heard the track on JJJ this morning and was blown away into stupefyed silence on the train.

Obviously I was already silent and not talking outloud all by myself in the third carriage as I am not a weird person.

What I mean is that my mind was FORCED to stop and listen, silently repressing all other thoughts, so it could fully absorb the epic beautifulness of the song.

It's very dreamlike, with lyrics thrumming - yes, thrumming - over the music.

Bertie Blackman's new album came out last Friday... Heart is the new single every one is raving about cos apparently it sounds like Bjork, but personally Sky is falling is definitely my favourite.

Inspiration Item #39

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

lungs of the world... Inspiration Item #38

How fantastic is this ad????

In case u can't read the bit down the bottom it says: Before it's too late...

It certainly made me stop and think (but maybe it wouldn't be so effective if I wasn't massively anti-smoking).

Inspration Item # 38

Slice of life... Inspiration Item#37

The purpose of this blog was just to keep track of all the little pieces of life that inspire or despire a day.

Right now the little pieces of life I'm experiencing right now make up the equation below:

Inspire slices:
+ Courtney Brookes photo.. see above
+ Breakeven by Irish band The Script
+ The Princess Bride (book of the moment)
+ the thought of work in 1.5 hours (yes, I like my retail job)

Despire slices
- the knowledge that I am procrastinating
- the fact that I have exam on saturday
- no possible way I can get to the gym today and feel fittish

Anyhooo now I've recorded this vitally important info have a listen to the clip below (if ur ears haven't already overheard it on the top 40 list already... but who can resist Irishmen???)

Inspiration Item #37

Who is the man??? ... twitter stalkers... Inspiration Item#36

Checked my inbox this morning and weird man Joshua Byrd is now 'following' me on Twitter... the word following itself has stalkerish connotations.

Anyways I spent a while trying to figure out how he connected to my life.. ie friend of friend, uni person, workmate, person I sit next to on train maybe?

Finally I concluded I DO NOT know this man.

Once reaching this conclusion I had to deliberate about whether this was an inspiration item or not.

Is someone just randomly adding you on Twitter a compliment, a random fact of life or alternativly just plain freaky???

Eventually I decided to be flattered and allocate it to the inspiration item pile.

***If u can help identify this potential stalker (see picture below), please comment.

p.s. interesting side note.... I 'tweeted' that I liked Bombay Bicycle Club and who starts following me but a San Francisco based bike shop... freaky. You can't say anything anymore without being viral marketed.

Inspiration Item #36

Monday, April 27, 2009

Bombay Bicycle Club .. Inspiration Item#35

Loving these boys from north London, esp their single: 'Always like this', which was released OFFICIALLY 14 days ago.
They are absurdly young (which decoded means they're young enought to make me feel old), plus they've got that 'genuine' feel to them... tho they will prob end up being mass media indie hit-wonders - sniff.

Unfortunately I can't find the embed info.. so you'll just have to follow the link below - enjoy.

Inspirtation Item#35