Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Why Chanel No.5 of course... Inspiration Item #46

Chanel has just released a new 'film' (or shall we say VERY expensive ad) starring Audrey Tautou for their fragrance Chanel No.5.

It's release coincides with the French premiere of Coco Avant Chanel, a new film focusing on the young Gabirelle Chanel and her rise to fame as one of fashion's most lauded designers.
The film was directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, the man behind Tautou's rise to fame in Amelie and it has the same amazing golden colour tones which can't but help warm the cockles of your heart.
If you're wondering who the man is who manages to track Tautou across southern France just by following her scent, he's American model Travis Davenport.
Have a watch of the film below... but if you want the best quality look at http://www.chanel5.com/.

Inspiration Item #46

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  1. love love love it! And your bollywood post was really good too! I'm indian :)