Saturday, January 31, 2009

Book quote from the man himself... Inspiration Item #20

"Books are a hardbound drug with no danger of overdose."
Karl Lagerfeld

* some of the many bookshelves in Lagerfeld's appartment (

Karl Lagerfeld is a book lover.

Suddenly I like the man so much better. Apparently he has a personal book collection reaching the numerical heights of 230,000. Who couldn't like a man like that?

And he also has a book shop... forget about the fashion emperor/god he is revered as. A bookshop is so much more then that. I'm still trying to figure out why he called it 7L though...

Ok, I just did some research using the unsurpassable google and Lagerfeld is...

"An avid reader in four languages—English, French, German, and Italian—Lagerfeld also publishes books; his imprint, a division of the German house Steidl, is called Édition 7L, and a few years ago he opened a bookstore, also called 7L, in space adjoining his photo studio, on the Rue Lille. Édition 7L has published forty-one titles, on subjects that range across his many interests, which include (besides fashion and photography) literature, humor, advertising, music, newspapers, mythology, illustration, and architecture. Some of these books have a bracing impracticality: an anthology of the first ten years of the magazine Interview weighed forty-three kilos and was packaged in a wooden trolley of Lagerfeld’s devising."
"In the now: where Karl Lagerfeld lives" The New Yorker

Inspiration Item #20

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