Friday, January 30, 2009

Young married love.. Negative Inspiration Item #3

*nothing like a pic of a swallow to convey the feeling of disgruntled unlovedness.. gosh, just get off and fly away you stoopid bird. Stop torturing yourself.

Young married love.. is it too much when they tie the knot at twenty or nineteen or eighteen or even, God forbid, seventeen????

Is it just me, in my singleness, feeling that the knot (or noose) is being tied and tightened a bit too young?

An old schoolie acqaintance got married the other day. And she's not the first to bite the dust in recent months.

It's not that I'm not a big fan of monogamous love, but adult life has barly kickstarted at twenty. How can you know that you've met the ONE?

I have a feeling I'm speaking out of ignorance. But I'm kind of glad I'm not the one who's been lovebitten with a ring on my finger.

But then again I might be unadmittedly jealous, like the sweet swallow above.

Negative Inspiration Item #3

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