Friday, January 30, 2009

Kyte.. Inspiration Item #17

"It's all about music that doesn't stare at its shoes. It stares at the stars." James Chapman.

It's a year and a half since the Guardian's Jude Rogers wrote his article on the "supple, shimmery thread" which had "started darning itself through a long line of euphoric-sounding albums".

Rodgers labled this thread of distorted, shimmery sound mixed with soul lifting lyrics a reawakening and repositioning of the 1990s Indie Shoegaze movement.. he called it Nu-Gaze.

One of the bands grouped into the new wave of psychadelic sound by Rogers is Kyte.

Made up of four boys from Leicestshire the band captures the spirt of the bird of prey it is named for.

The sound and texture is soft and smooth, but with a delicate edge that could fly at speed and soar.
p.s. my favourite is Boundaries.

To see the Julie Roger's original article click here:

Inspiration Item #17

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