Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Abbott takes the liberal leadership...

*New Liberal leader Tony Abbott enters presser with deputy Julie Bishop.

Tony Abbott today became leader of the Australian Liberal party.

It was a bit of a surprise for everybody, including Abbott himself who looked a little shell shocked as he emerged from the party room.

Twitter went wild, with both #spill and Tony Abbott becoming trending topics (the funny thing was noticing confused Americans tweeps going... "can someone please tell me what the heck #spill is?).

Anyways, our fine leader K.Rudd was off in Washington while all the drama happened so Julia Gillard (Abbott's old health portfolio political/flirting sparring partner) was left to welcome the new top dog.

But the question is will the chemistry between Abbott and Gillard continue... now the 'mad monk'/aka Abbott has taken control of the liberal abbey?

*Julia Gillard... bring it on baby... (note: to be fair this image is 2 months old, but appropriate I felt).

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