Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tony Abbott goes retro...

Is it just me or have we gone back on a little bit of a time warp with Tony Abbott, the Liberal's new leader in arms?

First there was the announcement of his shadow front bench who seem to be a regurgitation of the Howard era.

He even justified his decision of MP Bronwyn Bishiop by saying "67 is the new 57", adding that she will feel right at home with the Senior's portfolio because "she will be one of them" (poor Bronwyn).

Then this morning he announces that Workchoices would be brought back if the Coalition win the next election.

One can already see the Unions ordering another print run on the "Your rights at work, worth fighting for" stickers which were plastered over every bus, backpack and walkway in Australia during the last election.

But the cream of the crop is his announcement on 4BC radio that he might increase Australia's commitment in Afghanistan. What the???
Isn't everyone trying to creep out of Afghanistan slowly... hoping no one will notice the retreat?

Is there some overarching, masterful strategy I'm not seeing?

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