Thursday, December 10, 2009

Are we at the middle name stage?

"I never knew your middle name, no need to play that game" Architecture in Helsinki.

We went out to dinner last night at a gorgeous Indian place, which had drapery hanging artistically from the ceiling.

I was finally brave enough to have vegetarian curry... we have it at home all the time, but I've always felt like it's not true Indian when I go out if its missing chunks of lamb or chicken (gory I know, sorry if you're a vege).

Anyway on the other side of the artistic drapery was a couple, obviously on the second date.

She found out that he liked cheesecake.

He found out she didn't like hot curries.

They then discussed Lady Gaga, both fencing around the topic and not daring any criticism just in case the other was an ardent fan.

I don't think there were up to the middle name stage yet, but they were rolling steadily down the path to relationship solidity.

"And we talked about nothing which was more than I wanted you to know" Modest Mouse.

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