Sunday, February 1, 2009

Emmanuelle Alt + Boganism.. Inspiration Item #23

It's nice to know while we were celebrating Australia Day by being proud bogans, with XXXX beer and Triple J's hottest 100 playing in the background... on the other side of the world Paris Fashion Week was well under way, revering style and 'unboganism' (made up word, but appropriate I feel).

For those who don't know a Bogan - is someone who is proudly un-fashionable or 'rough around the edges' (this defn is courteousy of Wikipedia and somehow isn't doing the term justice.. think I'll have to come back and do a whole post in honour of bogans).

Anyway getting to the point.. On Australia day blogger Jak & Jil posted an image he'd taken of fr vogue's revered Emmanuelle Alt... to see the post and outfit details click here
p.s. wish I was so unconciously stylish (hmm.. just thought about that, she's not really unconciously stylish, it's more like an inbuilt 'of course I couldn't put a foot wrong I'm French and called Emmanuelle' style).
Inspiration Item #22

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