Sunday, February 1, 2009

In honour of the BOGAN.. Inspiration Item #24

The Bogan... is a man, woman or child who has been honoured with a title reaching folkloric proportions in the Australian psyche.

The Bogan is an individual proud of being Aussie, proud of their Ute, proud of their beer and proud of their mates.

They love their sport and are fiercely loyal to their home team, NRL or AFL depending on the state.

*If the bogan in question is from Queensland or NSW it'll be NRL (national rugby league) or possibly if they're Victorian imports, AFL. If they're from Victoria it'll DEFINITELY - no question about it mate - be AFL or Australian football league. Cricket, tennis or any other sport will also be frequently tuned in on the telly.

Bogans can usually be found in the Burbs, or suburbs. Older men will usually have a beer gut (generated by XXXX beer or Victorian bitters) and quite possibly a mullet (hair cutting being abhorrent to the Bogan).

The young male bogan can often be found at festivals wearing short footy/tradie shorts, thongs (the foot type), plastic aviator sunnies and a flanalette shirt or alternately a tshirt saying 'BRING BACK THE BIFF.

This stylish ensemble would not be complete without being smashed on Tooheys or whatever beer is readily on tap at said festival (Big Day Out, Splendor in the Grass being favourites among Bogans). The Australian flag will be used as a cloak if Bogan decides to go shirtless.

Female bogans are harder to spot stylistically and are a rarer species. However they can be recognised by speech and in younger females, a love of fluro clothing/accessories and tshirts with large block letter slogans.

*WARNING* within the confines of Australia and New Zealand (another bogan nation) the term BOGAN is not necessarily offensive. The term is one of honour.

For future reference: - full definition, appropriate links etc - best website around, join if you like

Inspiration Item #24

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