Monday, February 2, 2009

Library girl. + TZU (Aussie hip hop)... Inspiration Item #31

She's sitting right in front of me
I'm caught up in a fantasy
Yeah, she's sitting right in front of me
I can't believe her company
She's taking all my mind away
And she's sitting right in front of me

Chicks these days have a soft spot for hip hop. 4 hours ago I wouldn't have agreed, but Melbourne groupies TZU have converted me. Have a listen... it's all about a libarian named Kylie who works in a library and 'damn she's sexy'..

Right there in front of me I think her name's Kylie
Real intellectual she works in a library
Damn she's sexy
'Man your Keen'
What should I say?
'I don't know , tell her you read'
I'ma tell her that I rap in the hope that she likes me
'She'll think your a freak'
Nah, she'll think I'm exciting
Chicks these days have a soft spot for hiphop
'Nah , she only likes alt country and prog rock'
I'll tell her I'm a balladeer with a career
a guitar and a car and I breathe clean air
'She'll only want you for your money'
That's funny, I'm as broke as a third world economy buddy
'It doesn't matter mr. rapper you connect like hippies do'
What she likes the inner me?
'Yeah, she likes the inner you'

*Turn the song up LOUD for best affect but I advise starting the song 20secs in... for some UNKNOWN + STOOPID reason they've overlaid the song over Play School!?!?! oh well, guess its not too bad.. I have to admit I was/am a big fan (my mum taped the show in Aus so we could watch it growing up in the UK).

** images courtesy of lafemmecatherine from Brasil.. .. unfortunately no details on what mag they came from.

Inspiration Item #31

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