Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bertie Blackman... Inspiration Item #39

Nothing is beating the beauty of Sky is falling by Sydney based singer, Bertie Blackman.

I heard the track on JJJ this morning and was blown away into stupefyed silence on the train.

Obviously I was already silent and not talking outloud all by myself in the third carriage as I am not a weird person.

What I mean is that my mind was FORCED to stop and listen, silently repressing all other thoughts, so it could fully absorb the epic beautifulness of the song.

It's very dreamlike, with lyrics thrumming - yes, thrumming - over the music.

Bertie Blackman's new album came out last Friday... Heart is the new single every one is raving about cos apparently it sounds like Bjork, but personally Sky is falling is definitely my favourite.

Inspiration Item #39

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