Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Slice of life... Inspiration Item#37

The purpose of this blog was just to keep track of all the little pieces of life that inspire or despire a day.

Right now the little pieces of life I'm experiencing right now make up the equation below:

Inspire slices:
+ Courtney Brookes photo.. see above
+ Breakeven by Irish band The Script
+ The Princess Bride (book of the moment)
+ the thought of work in 1.5 hours (yes, I like my retail job)

Despire slices
- the knowledge that I am procrastinating
- the fact that I have exam on saturday
- no possible way I can get to the gym today and feel fittish

Anyhooo now I've recorded this vitally important info have a listen to the clip below (if ur ears haven't already overheard it on the top 40 list already... but who can resist Irishmen???)


Inspiration Item #37

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