Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Who is the man??? ... twitter stalkers... Inspiration Item#36

Checked my inbox this morning and weird man Joshua Byrd is now 'following' me on Twitter... the word following itself has stalkerish connotations.

Anyways I spent a while trying to figure out how he connected to my life.. ie friend of friend, uni person, workmate, person I sit next to on train maybe?

Finally I concluded I DO NOT know this man.

Once reaching this conclusion I had to deliberate about whether this was an inspiration item or not.

Is someone just randomly adding you on Twitter a compliment, a random fact of life or alternativly just plain freaky???

Eventually I decided to be flattered and allocate it to the inspiration item pile.

***If u can help identify this potential stalker (see picture below), please comment.

p.s. interesting side note.... I 'tweeted' that I liked Bombay Bicycle Club and who starts following me but a San Francisco based bike shop... freaky. You can't say anything anymore without being viral marketed.

Inspiration Item #36

1 comment:

  1. Haha,

    This may be late,

    But I may have some information regarding Joshua Byrd......