Friday, December 19, 2008

$2 books at Op Shops.. Inspiration Item #9

I went book shopping today and before visiting the 'official' bookstores I hit the op shop and found a stack of $2 Atonements!

Perfect for Christmas presents, so I bought 3 but think I will go back and get some more... gifts for everyone.

I read the book 9 months ago, before the movie came out here in Australia.

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Though I was a little bit glum at the ending.

Despite the merits of a high literary, 'realistic' ending I'm a sucker for a happy ending.

In my opinion authors should always work against fate and their inner literary genius to give a happily-ever-after to the stalwart, well-deserving reader.

Anyways, while writing this post I suddenly remembered that I did a review of Atonement the movie... so I've pasted it as the next Inspiration Item.

Inspiration Item #9

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