Friday, December 19, 2008

Ugly Blue Shoe.. NEGATIVE Inspiration Item #1

I was just reading a blog, or rather I was looking at it because it was in Spanish, when I saw something which should be recorded as a negative inspiration item.

So here goes.. Negative Inspiration Item #1: ugly blue shoe.

Though it treads the realm of coolness, it's still and always will be - UGLY FUGLY.

There's no getting away from it there is just no way this shoe could be attractive.. cool, yes.. attractive, no.

*** for those who are truly intrested in the blueness of this shoe you are going to be disappointed. The shoe is SOLD OUT on, but other colours like sunshine yellow and passionfruit purple are avaliable. For the truly brave there is black crocodile skin with a white sole.

Negative Inspiration Item #1

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