Friday, December 19, 2008

Singledom.. inspiration item #6


1. Singledom
someone who is single. singledom- similar to freedom.

2. Singledom
a realm of solitude whose cohorts are apathetic to their condition.

According to the Urban Dictionary there are two definitions of 'singledom'.

Personally I'm going for the first one, where singledom is seen as an attitude of freedom. I can't help but picture a whole kingdom, ruled by me and my imagination (slightly egotistical I know).

Though I do like the whole idea of 'A realm of solitude', which is where Sharon Tate looks like she's at (see pic above).

But I'm just not sure if I'm apathetic to my condition.. am I comfy enough with singledom to inhabit my own kingdom of solitude?

Inspiration item #6

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