Sunday, December 21, 2008

Man Shopping.. Inspiration Item #14

Yesterday, I went man shopping.

This doesn't mean I went out and shopped for a man, though it would be nice if that was possible (6ft+ please, dark haired preferably, with infectious sense of humor and love of books).

No, it means that I went into the men's section of the department store where I work and shopped for a guy. Admittedly this 'man' was my Dad, but that didn't lessen the enjoyment.

Guys' clothes have such simplicity and gorgeousness about them.. very few items are fussy, most were beautifually made and had the simple edged lines of coolness (there were a course a lot of fuddy duddy, grandpa inspired items, but I didn't look at them - no offence grandpa).

I ended up buying a gorgeous periwinkle blue tshirt from industrie and a green French Connection scarf, which had a myriad of colours woven through it.. very nice.

That's my Christmas pressies for Dad solved.

Inspiration Item #14

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