Friday, December 19, 2008

Black Kids + Dinner Party = inspiration item #8

A couple of nights back I went to a dinner party (ok, maybe that term's a little bit grandiose), but it was dinner and a semi-party/gathering.

Mostly they were old school mates, some of whom I hadn't seen in ages.

To sum up how they're going:

1. One had found love and seemed to be pedalling down the right track with a girl who was gorgeous and close to his 6.5ft height.

2. Another guy made some delicious pasta for us all and therefore can't be accused of not having his life together.

3. & 4. The other two boys were a bit quiet on the whole 'my life's a success' part but seemed to be breathing and living okay.

5. As for the girls one has a crazy bitch of a boss and had just been put through the wringer at work so was a bit saddened.

6. The other has just got a new job in a high-end fashion store and has started off on the first leg of what could be a long-term romance.

7. And me? I'm working in a poshie dept store, earning money in the lead up to Christmas.. 6 sleeps to go.

The soundtrack for this night was Black Kid's new album 'Partie Traumatic'. Good stuff and particuarly appropriate I felt...

Inspiration item #8

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